The Solutions We Offer

MORE TIME- $2,000

  • 8 – 10 Week Program 
  • One 90 Minute Session Per Week
  • Private Phone Line Access for Calls & Text Messages
  • Private Email Access
  • Special Gift

Private Consulting- $500

  • 90 Minute Sessions

Strategy Sessions- $600

  • 3x 90 Minute Sessions 
  • Project Focused Planning

Micro-Coaching – 

  • $166- 30 Minutes/Week 
  • $600- 2 Hours/ Month

This is not a complete product listing. Several products are seasonal or available upon group enrollment only. If you feel you have a different service method which would work best for you, please contact me to discuss. I can not promise any adjustments to my procedures, but I am always open for suggestions and there are always network recommendations. 


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