Lori Brooks
Business Consultant, Author
Producer & Host of The Small Business with Lori Brooks Show

Lori Brooks is a financial sales operations expert, author, public speaker, producer, and host of the Small Business with Lori Brooks Show. Leveraging her extensive experience in the financial services industry, Lori will identify areas for growth, provide tools and strategies to increase your productivity and build your personal brand. Lori Brooks is also the creator of the MORE TIME Sales Practice Accelerator Program. Through customized coaching, this program assists female professionals with building a solid business foundation and design a roadmap for success.

Since 2001, Lori Brooks has designed and customized techniques to help financial professionals create a customized, structured path to support their success. Lori understands that implementing change is not always easy and has helped entrepreneurs of all types respond to industry changes in order to stay competitive.

Providing a wide range of consulting services, Lori helps business owners create strategic plans to adjust their mindset and procedures to support the personal and internal changes required to achieve maximum success. Are you ready to step into the future of your practice?

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All coaching and training curriculums are developed and overseen by MORE TIME creator Lori Brooks. All coaching programs are virtual and are developed according to your specific goals.

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